Laura on the Cross

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After being kept in the dark witches tower for a long time the accused milkmaid Laura needs some fresh air, so it is for sure some kind of mercy to continue her further punishment outside.

Driven by lashes of the whip she has to carry the heavy wooden T-cross to the place of justice. Before she will be tied to the cross she gets her dress ripped off and some more lashes. When she is on the cross, her suffering will be more intense. Under severe lashes to her naked belly and saggy tits, her thighs get wet as she cannot avoid passing. The audience call her a shameless whore for this while the tormentor is using a claw to scratch her helpless body and also uses it´s edge inside her cunt. Laura is crying in pain when they also use hot pliers and play with flames close to her feet. Finally she is taken down from the cross and brought back to the dungeon where she is used for humiliation games on the floor...

Enjoy Lauras outdoor session and feel free to watch the trailers and preview pics first.

episode 1 "A witch and her cross" (13:33 min)

trailer Episode 1:

scene pictures:

episode 2 "Whipped and clawed" (11:06 min)

trailer Episode 2:

scene pictures:

episode 3 "A taste of the stake" (9:47 min)
trailer Episode 3:

scene pictures:

episode 4 "Crawling on the floor" (23:32 min)

trailer episode 4:

scene pictures:

episode 5 "Degradation" (23:32 min)

trailer episode 5:

scene pictures: